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The easy way to manage Gmod content.

Automatic downloading and installation

The Stavox Content Manager automatically downloads all the Stavox content, and puts it into the right locations on your pc.

We also automatically download files from CS:S, and add mount it in your Garry's Mod installation, so that you can properly see CS:S props in-game.

Automatic updates

The app launches with your pc, and checks for updates without you doing anything.

You can also turn off auto-downloading, if you want to be in charge of when you download.

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Ease of use

The Download Manager is very easy to use! Just two clicks, and you're downloading and updating all your content!

If you have any trouble using the program however, you can scroll down this page to view our easy to understand video and text guides.

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Guides for using the program

English guideDanish guide

Alternatively, you can download all the files manually (Not recommended)

If you don't want to use the download manager, you can download the files manually here.

The zip files will have to be extracted into your Garry's Mod addon folder.

CS:S content and HL2 content is not provided in the manual download, so you will have to buy the games yourself, and mount them in your Garry's Mod installation.

Since the manual download can't automatically update, you will have to re-download the content once in a while, to stay up to date.

So don't do this, unless you're an advanced user, and can't use the content download manager for whatever reason.